Once you leave the airport you need to catch one of the red buses (you can recognize them by their color and the company name “TUASA"). Additionally, locals are always willing to help if you need more information.

When you reach downtown San Jose, you can take a taxi to the "TRACOPA" bus station at PLAZA VIQUEZ, which is the bus station where buses leave for Quepos & Manuel Antonio. There you can buy your ticket, which should cost around $8. The trip length is about 3.5 hours on the direct bus, or 4 hours on the “colectivo,” which makes quite a few stops along the route. Both buses make a 15 minute stop in the middle of the trip at a store called "LA VAQUITA", where you can grab something to eat, use the restroom or stretch a little.

The direct bus goes all the way to Manuel Antonio, so don’t get off at the Quepos bus station. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Manuel Antonio Soccer Field, which is where we are located. If you travel on the "colectivo" the route ends at the Quepos bus station, and you will need different transportation to get to our place. You can take a taxi or a bus; the bus costs 305 colones,  and runs from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm and leaves the terminal every 20 minutes. If you take a taxi use a red one, which will charge you about 3,000 colones ($6).